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About Us

Buy Quality. Buy American. Buy ACE.

john101ACE is small business by embodying the American Dream. ACE is me, John Ciangiulli, native of Brooklyn, NY. My story begins with being awarded the opportunity to leave the local pizzeria, move to Florida and start a career in electronics. Although exciting, the reality of leaving my Italian family was unnerving. Nonetheless, I grabbed the opportunity and drove twenty-one hours – with not much more than the clothes I was wearing – in a barely road-worthy vehicle. I entered an unknown industry in a very foreign place. After almost a decade of learning the ins and outs of the electronics business, hard work, and building customer relationships, I realized I could do more. I took the next step by assisting local businesses and owners by becoming a business consultant in the Tampa Bay area. In this role I became more involved in local organizations, the Chamber of Commerce and ultimately realized the importance of small businesses – especially to their communities. At that time I understood I was meant to integrate the two by building American Component Exchange. ACE is local business with a charitable focus on the community. ACE supports American manufacturing and emboldens the American Dream. ACE is my passion and my promise to you. Buy Quality. Buy American. Buy ACE.

About Us

American flags flying from front porchesAmerican Component Exchange is the distributor for quality electronic components, electro-mechanical components, and hardware made in the USA. Our product offerings are diverse and include capacitors, resistors, inductors, crystals, power supplies, relays and connectors to name a few. In addition to our expertise and commitment to our community, when you purchase ACE products you have the unique satisfaction of having a product brought to you by Americans, for Americans.

Our Vision

2ACE’s vision is to forge the strongest community of our employees, vendors, and customers. Components is our specialty, and what we pride ourselves in, but ACE’s vision goes far beyond components by our commitment to service and community. Our quality American-made components feed the American economy and bolster our hometowns, government and people through charities and service. Together, we will empower our companies and strengthen America. Join us.

Our Mission

We are charged with supplying our customers with high-quality products made in the USA and providing a team of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to superior service on every single order.