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Welcome to our blog and thank you for supporting our cause.  In a world of globalization, AmericanComponent Exchange prides itself on its dedication to keeping business local. How?  We are glad you asked.

ACE accomplishes this by distributing products MADE only in the USA.  ACE’s vendors are located throughout the United States, and many are small local businesses who are supporting their communities bycontributing high quality components to our industry for decades.

At ACE we strongly believe a thriving US Semiconductor industry translates to a thriving US economy.  According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), “The semiconductor industry directly employs about 250,000 workers in the United States, and for every direct job there are 4.89 jobs supported in other parts of the U.S. economy.  That equals approximately 1 million additional jobs as a result of a thriving U.S. semiconductor industry.”  We also believe with feasible access to American made components, manufacturers will consider them for procurement with their builds.

For us, supporting US manufacturing, jobs, communities and ultimately the US economy is a mindset.  Our objective with this blog is to raise awareness in all subjects related to these causes and forge the strongest community in our industry. We will be periodically posting entries encompassing what impacts our industry and our mission.  It would include various topics that include but are not limited to manufacturing, engineering, semiconductors and components.

If you believe there is any importance to keeping it American, don’t miss out on any updates and register to our blog.

What do you think?  Do we have what it takes to support the foundation and continue to build strongest community in our industry and really make an impact?  Be heard, reply with your thoughts.


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