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ACE Supports The Legacy Filament Extruder Machine Kickstarter Project

Desktop Filament Extruder Machine

ACE takes advantage of every opportunity to support American Manufacturing and small business. Here is a prime example of genuine American inginueity and ambition, enter Liz Havlin. Liz is the founder of The Legacy Filament Extruder Machine which makes 3D Printer Filament out of recycled plastic.

The “ink” for 3D printers is a plastic filament that is continuously heat welded together through a computer controlled process to “print” almost any 3-dimensionally shaped object. (description via David “Analog” Edgar – )

This is an Open Source hardware project providing the connection between 3D printing and Recycling.

Introducing the Legacy!

Legacy is an Open Source Desktop manufacturing machine that turns recycled plastic pellets into 3D printer filament. Legacy is based on Lyman’s design and includes a self-winding filament spool apparatus so when you have the amount of filament you need for your project, you simply snip the end and put the spool on your 3D printer.

The Legacy Filament Extruder Machine Benefits:
  • Works from recycled plastic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cheaper than typically purchased 3D printer filament
  • Open Source

Liz called us because she wants to make every possible effort to keep the machine and its components made here in the USA. We jumped on the opportunity to help and are looking forward to contributing to the success and growth of her project.

Please visit her project page here.

Please visit her update and partnering with ACE here.


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