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American Component Exchange (ACE) supplies you Batteries Made in the USA

Distributing for American Businesses is our business. ACE strives to continue to offer you High Quality Products Made in the USA from manufacturers both large and small. ACE recently expanded its product offerings, for you, to include commercial and industrial batteries manufactured by Rayovac. Initially drawn to ACE because of our mission statement, Rayovac has decided to partner with America’s distributor of American made products. With common goals aligned for both companies the partnership is bound for success.

Our battery products include:
    • AA size Alkaline Batteries
    • AAA size Alkaline Batteries
    • C size Alkaline Batteries
    • D size Alkaline Batteries
    • 9V size Alkaline Batteries


  • AA size Alkaline Industrial Grade Batteries
  • AAA size Alkaline Industrial Grade Batteries
  • C size Alkaline Industrial Grade Batteries
  • D size Alkaline Industrial Grade Batteries
  • 9V size Alkaline Industrial Grade Batteries

Our batteries come in many package types.

Our battery packs include:
  • Bulk Battery Packs
  • Small Quantity Shrink Wrap Battery Packs
  • Large Quantity Contractor Size Battery Packs
  • Case Size Battery Packs

Rayovac has been powering America since 1906, providing premium products at a value price is the way they do business. Rayovac ultraPro batteries are the #1 selling industrial batteries among top industrial distributors. These long-lasting alkaline batteries are mercury free and guaranteed fresh for 7 years (5 years for 9V). Rayovac commercial alkaline batteries power the devices you use each and every day. Guaranteed to stay fresh for 7 years (5 years for 9V) and last as long as Duracell Coppertop and Engergizer Max, Rayovac alkaline batteries offer top notch performance.

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