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American Made Movie Contest

About The Film


American manufacturing employment has been on the decline for decades, unleashing a devastating effect on our local and national economies. But it’s the stories of communities and the families that comprise them that reveal the harshest costs upon the nation.

Fortunately, people are making a difference by doing their part in their local communities. These individual efforts combine to ultimately impact the national economy.

It has been said that the greatest thing America makes is Americans. The ability of average Americans to adapt, innovate and thrive has created one of the greatest civilizations in human history.

By illustrating the successes of companies that have prospered without adopting the practices of their competitors, American Made Movie shows the positive impact of domestic manufacturing jobs on national and local economies in the face of great challenges.

About The Contest


The message this film brings runs parallel with what American Component Exchange has endeavoured and will achieve. We are excited to watch this film and see the impact Americans have chosen to make. ACE has made a decision to make an impact on the electronics industry, manufacturing and its community. This film shows the value and difference both individuals and businesses can make. We want to share it with you.

ACE will be holding an American Made Movie Giveaway. This is open to any and all individuals from all manufacturing companies and industries. It does not matter if you are in engineering, purchasing, quality or if you are the President – you can win!

The contest starts today, 5/20/14, and will end Friday 5/30/14. Entry is simple. Follow the links below to a simple contact form where you have the opportunity to tell us your story. We will randonly select a winner from the entries.

complete your contest entry here

The choice is yours: A digital copy or blu-ray


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