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ACE's High Quality Products

Our American made products and superior service support a varied mix of individuals, industries and sectors.

Sectors Served:

● Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
● Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)
● Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)
● Contract Manufacturers (CMs)

Individuals Served:

● Procurement
● Sourcing
● Planning
● Engineering
● Design

Products by FSC:

● 5331 – O-Rings
● 5905 – Resistors
● 5910 – Capacitors
● 5915 – Filters and Networks
● 5950 – Coils and Transformers
● 6120 – Transformers: Distribution and Power Station
● 6130 – Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating

Products by Category:

● Cable Assemblies
● Cable Ties and accessories
● Capacitors
● Chokes
● Coils
● Connectors
● Crystals
● DC-DC Converters
● Filters
● Fuse Panels
● Inductors
● LED Drivers
● LEDs
● Memory
● Microcontrollers
● O-Rings
● Oscillators
● Power Supplies
● Relays
● Relay Sockets
● Resistors
● Sensors
● Switches
● Terminal Blocks
● Transformers


*Counterfeit components cost our industries billions of dollars each year and put our lives at risk. ACE’s research uncovers that the risk of counterfeit components is not limited exclusively to our defense industry, but is also present in consumer, automotive, industrial, and medical industries (to name only a few). In fact, there are so many counterfeit components ending up in the supply chains of our companies that industry experts and US politicians have enforced very strict rules and penalties. Punishments for dealing in counterfeits can result in heavy fines and imprisonment, so the industry has enforced strict testing/quality requirements to distributors of components to mitigate the risk. This testing equipment usually costs distributors anywhere from $150,000 – $450,000+. The distributors, however, don’t eat these costs…they end up charging customers for the testing service in addition to the price of the components, or they increase the prices of the components to offset the cost of the testing equipment. Counterfeits can result in a multitude of headaches and delays due to multiple shipments, paying employees for the extra man hours it takes to inspect the components, de-soldering components and replacing them; in addition, if the components end up on boards and in the hands of a consumer or US soldier it can put lives in danger. Ultimately, the price of the components is one variable, but the total cost of receiving low quality, unreliable components is something much more intimidating. Don’t be fooled by low-priced, poor-quality components – order from ACE. Protect your fellow consumers and our defense industry.